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Welcome to our media center!

Here is some important media center information to help you support your child:


Library classes:  Students visit the library weekly with their class.  Students in kindergarten thru 3rd grade may check out one book; 4th and  5th grade students may check out two.  Books are checked out for one week at a time.


Care of books:  Please help your child find a safe place for his book to “live” at your house.  It is very important for books to stay in a safe, dry place, away from toddlers and pets.  I suggest keeping the book in the backpack—it’s safe there, and it’s always ready to come back for library day!


Overdue books:  Students will be allowed to check out new books if they returned their old books.  If they forgot their books on library day, they may bring it in during open library time and check out a new book then.  Overdue notices will be sent home for books that are more than 2 weeks overdue.

Damaged or Lost books:  Accidents do happen.  If a book is damaged, please return it to me so I can fix it.  If it is damaged beyond repair or lost, your child has 3 options. First, you can pay for or replace the lost book. Second, you can bring a book in from home that is in good condition in place of the lost book. Finally, your child can work in the library for a week during their recess to replace the lost book.

Scholastic Book Fair:  We will have 2 Book Fairs this year at Sommer. Our Fall Book Fair is the week of December 4th-December 8th.  Please be on the lookout for more information.  This is a great way to earn money and more books for our library—and a great time for you and grandparents to stock up on Christmas gifts!  Mark your calendars, our Grand Event will be on Thursday, December 7th. Our Spring Book Fair is the Buy One Get One Free Book Fair. It is May 7th- May 11th. Our Fine Arts Night will be May 8th. I welcome any parents who would like to volunteer at our book fairs.


Battle of the Books:  Each year the three NMSC elementaries compete in this battle.  They answer questions about Young Hoosier Books they have been reading throughout the year.  Second and 3rd grade students may compete at the ‘picture book’ level and 4th and 5th grade may compete at the intermediate level.  Encourage your child to participate and start reading the Young Hoosier books right away!


 And most importantly, enjoy reading with your child!  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Items of Interest
Destiny Quest

We have an online system for looking up books in our library.  That means you have access to it at home!  You can browse our library collection at www.destiny.nm.k12.in.us.  (You can also access it at the link above or from our website under "classrooms.") It's a lot of fun--check it out!

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Media Center