Lester B. Sommer Elementary School
Crawfordsville, Indiana
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What's New in First Grade?!
Welcome to our page! You will be able to access lots of information here. We will update the site weekly with spelling words, important dates, links to online resources, and lots more.
Weekly Agenda
Weekly Spelling Words
Spelling Words for the Week of May 16th-20th

red, orange, blue, green, black, brown, white, yellow, purple, pink

Weekly Sight Words
Sight Words for the Week of May 16th-20th
before, ever, cake, smell, thank, between, enough, idea, number, country, rain, sleep, light, answer, bark, page, paper, dark, front, lake, past, drink, hid, road, small, white, under, never, warm, both, learn, own, things
Weekly Reading Skill
Weekly Skills for the Week of May 16th-20th
*Kevin Henkes Author Study
*End of year Review


Weekly Math Skill
Weekly Math Skills for the Week of
May 16th-20th
 End of Year Review


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